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Supply Chain Identification Project

PWC helped SouthGrow secure provincial and federal funding for a two year supply chain identification and import replacement project. This project will help southern Alberta industries repalce imports with local supply to keep more money in the region. 

SouthGrow solar field
SouthGrow zero emission infrastructure program

Electric Vehicle Charging Program

Another SouthGrow project! We secured $2 million dollars from Naturan Resources Canada to help fund Electric Vehicle Chargers across Alberta, and struck a project management contract with the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre to further leverage project funds. At time of writing in August 2022, the program is nearly fully subscribed. 

MPE Link Pathway

A local non-profit needed help building a 15 km bike pathway between Lethbridge and Coaldale. What started as a contract to help with public consultaitons has grown into full project managemetn and fundraising. It's very exciting to work on such a feel-good community project. 

Cor Van Raay Link Pathway
Global agri-food marketing program (Southern Alberta Investment and Trade Initiative)

Global Agri-food Marketing Program

For the Southern Alberta Investment and Trade Initiatie, our team worked with SouthGrow to leverage funds, onboard partners, apply for grants, build out a 12 month marketing campaign, and then leverage funds further with federal dollars to run a global marketing campaign for the agri-food sector in southern Alberta. The campain is running now with thousands of impressions across North America and Europe. 

Gas Station Remediation

Hey, we really do do it all! The Town of Raymond had a gas station site that had sat vacant for over two decades and no one had the time to tackle the remediation. Our team took it on and stick-handled the project through to completion while saving the community a lot of money on the deal. 

Gas station remediation in Raymond
Municipal energy management for the town of Raymond

Municipal Energy Management

When the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre offered 80% matching funding for community energy management, we struck a deal with the Town of Raymond, wrote the grant, got the grant, set up the program, and have been advancing projects that have leveraged their investment many times over with the real possiblity of saving them $1 million in energy costs along over the next 20 years. 

Find out how we can make your project go further. 

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