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Progressive West Consulting

Progressive West Consulting has been working on community development projects in southern Alberta since 2017, with municipal administrations, nonprofits, private businesses, and more, we take projects futher. Our team is demonstrably talented at both building partnerships and leveraging our clients' money against other contributions to create a larger impact than many of them thought possible, and we've demonstrated this ability time and again from projects as simple as gas-station remediation, to the deployment of federal infrastructure funding to build EV stations across the province. 

Our team brings the required range of talent and expertise to offer a rewarding experience for your next project. Great teams produce great results! At Progressive West Consulting we are an enthusiastic, motivated, group of  talented individuals deeply committed to the work we do in communities. We are proud to have been a part of various municipal endeavours, community and branding initiatives in southern Alberta over the  past 10 years and are well aware of the challenges and opportunities working in small and rural communities. The success of our projects has been due in large part to the complimentary skills of the team but also because of our extensive engagement experience, bridging divides, and identifying common core values. 

Our Team

Our Core Team


Peter has worked in economic development since 2017 following an already successful career in communications, fundraising, policy development, academia and a decade of experience in the trades. His wide breadth of experience enables our team to build projects that meaningfully connect different market segments and stakeholders in ways that build better projects. Peter excels at creating partnerships that yield success.

Kim has worked in community and economic development for several years. Previously she worked at a federally funded economic development organization called Community Futures where she worked to build and fund community economic development projects. She has worked as the manager of a local renewable energy co-op, for Alberta Transportation, and for the Alberta Municipalities, all roles where she learned valuable skills and contacts that are applied to our projects today. 


Although Jessie Stilson is a recent graduate, she has work experience in both the public and private sector as a marketing professional. She is knowledgeable in social media marketing, web design, graphic design, marketing strategy, and brand identity development. 

Emma Headshot 2024_edited.jpg

Emma has worked with grants since 2017. She began her career working with faculty at the University of Lethbridge, helping them create compelling proposals for academic research. She has since moved into grant writing, and is focused on utilizing her wide breadth of experience with grants, writing, and editing, to secure economic development funding for her clients. She holds a B.A. in English and an MFA in Creative Writing.

Subject Matter Experts


Cameron Mills 


Cameron's professional experience speaks to his adaptability and his desire to constantly be faced with new challenges. Over the course of his career which spans consulting, instructing business classes, being a municipal planner, managing economic and community development and finally directing growth and investment, Cameron has gained a multitude of skills and experience that makes him a strong asset to the PWC team. 

The other Greg on our team is an accomplished fundraising professional with deep expertise in direct marketing and business intelligence, having raised over $60 million for nonprofit organizations across the country.  Greg is a self-professed "data geek" who harnesses the power of data, analytics, and statistics to build and optimize effective campaigns.  It always helps to have a 'numbers guy' around when our clients need to make their funds go further.


Adam Spackman
Land Agent


As a professional land agent, Adam knows land inside and out and is particularly talented at communicating and striking deals with stakeholders from all walks of life. Adam is our go-to when a project involves land deals, easements, agreements, and contracts, and he always gives the best advice and guidance on these issues. 

Our Values

We embrace change.

The world is changing whether we like it or not. So the only thing we can do is be ready for it. 

We put people first. 

Relationships are important to us. We will never sacrifice a relationship for results. 

Quality of life is the bottom line.

Peoples lives matter more than the balance sheet. 

Your project is on the line, and so is our reputation.

Having a good reputation is vital. Earning a good reputation is even more so. 

Find out how we can make your project go further. 

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