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Business Retention and Expansion Surveys

80% of economic growth comes from your existing businesses and supporting their success is crucial. But before you spend money, you need to know what projects you'll see the highest return on AND what projects your business community really values. Our team will run a stats driven weighted survey of your businesses to determine what they need to thrive and cross-reference that to an opportunity and gap analysis. Repeat the project every few years to track your success and target the next steps. 


Economic Resiliency Planning

Your community has planned to respond to fire, floods, hail, tornados, and pandemics. But have you thought about how to help local businesses recover from an economic disaster? Our team will work with your administration to put in place the plans and processes for your community to respond fast in a time of crisis to help the local economy bounce back. Learn the lessons of places like Fort McMurray and be prepared with our help. 


Investment Readiness Planning

Want to successfuly respond to investment inquiries or build relationships with provincial and federal investment agencies? Our team can help you build the resources, information packages, and processes you need in place to respond fast and professionally when opportunity comes knocking. We can also identify barriers to investment attraction and help you plan to get investment ready fast. 


Project Management

We get it, staff capacity is tighter than ever but there's a project you need someone stick-handling and putting together grant applications to fund. Our team is adept at project management, including working with you to build the funding package needed to see it through. We will work as an extension of your administration and as subcontracted team members to see your project through to completion. Whether its the remediation of an old gas station site or the renovation of a historic building, we've done it all. 


Community Branding

Your community brand is so much more than a pretty logo. Brand's are a tool in your strategic plan to help you achieve your economic development, tourism attraction, and resident attraction goals. A good brand can also help in issues like doctor recruitment and retention, and place-making your community into a place people want to stay and raise their families. Our experienced team can help you re-brand your community for success. 


Municipal Energy Management

Energy is an area of immense opportunity. With the cost of power surging and a rich grant environment for retrofitting, our team can help you identify opportunties for saving many tens of thousands of dollars, and locate the funding to get those projects done. Your community can radically lower their power bill with our help. 

Find out how we can make your project go further. 

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